Photog by Peter Vidani
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Just a thought: Leagues

They exist so that sports team know who they’re playing against; and to know who you should date. I’m sick and tired of girls complaining about guys being “douche bags” because their crush won’t date them. Really now? Take a look at him. He spends hours in the gym, is well educated, had definite goals for his life and a plan to achieve them; and you? Well, you can answer that for yourself. He has every right to be picky with the girl he dates. 

And what’s ironic, is that you’re even more of a douche then he is. You turn your nose up at any guy that doesn’t look like an Abercrombie model. You have the highest of standers that even you can’t live up to. How many amazing, datable guys have you left in the friend zone for shallow reasons?

I’m not saying I deserve these guys, I fully understand that I don’t. I also find nothing wrong with flirting/having crushes on them (and lets admit it, we can’t really help ourselves). But it’s a whole ‘nother issue when you have your “heart broken” and are “devastated” that he doesn’t like you back. Get yourself together, if you want a guy like him, work on yourself. I fully believe that we can only get as much out of a relationship as we put into it.